Our Response to COVID-19

Where to even begin, there is so much news and information flooding our lives right now about this new pandemic COVID-19 it is hard to know where to look or what to trust. We are so thankful for all of those who are working to keep our countries afloat and assisting us from medical professionals, supermarket staff, government bodies and so many other businesses that are working behind the scenes. We wish everyone the best through this confusing time, hoping you are all keeping safe at home and surrounded by those you love.

We want to assure you we are moving forward through this confusing time. We are implementing actions that will aid the survival of our small business, those that we work alongside and hopefully will help us to continue working with more small local businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. The actions we are taking are small in the grand scheme of this situation but we hope it will give you some clarity on our brand at least.

1. Working from Home

All persons involved in our business including our trusted bespoke jeweller are working from home indefinitely.

We are doing our best to support our global and local communities, limiting our interactions as much as possible, while keeping our jewellers, contractors and other businesses we work with working.

2. Cleaning

All pieces ordered through us will be thoroughly cleaned before being packaged and sent.

We will be cleaning the jewellery either by a machine called an ultrasonic or by cleaning with alcohol wipes depending on the metal to ensure they are in the best condition when they arrive.

3. Packaging & Posting

When packaging and posting our items we will be using the following method.

Washing our hands and wearing gloves before beginning to wrap and prepare your goods, again to ensure the item you receive is in the best condition.

4. Online Appointments

Usually we would invite you into our home to discuss your bespoke piece this allows you to get a close up look at your diamond or stone. 

Moving forward we will no longer have face-to-face meetings only online calls like facetime. We will however be taking high quality images of all stones so you can truly be aware of the quality we are offering.

We hope these actions give you some assurance through this pandemic. We are doing our best to keep our business and those connected with us afloat, whilst also doing attempting to do the right thing for our communities and the wider global community.

If you have anymore suggestions on actions we should be taking, please send us a message.

Otherwise, be calm, be safe and stay at home beautiful people.

We're all in this together & wishing you all the very best.


PS If you are looking for ways to give during this time, think of your friends in industries that have been closed such as retail & hospitality or have a look at this list of places we have selected. Any help is help.

New Zealand

https://www.foodbank.co.nz/donate - NZ food banks, very important for those who are out of work & can't afford basics at the moment

https://womensrefuge.org.nz/ - Sadly for some being in lockdown means increased risk of domestic violence, they are open throughout the lockdown & will need donations


https://www.foodbank.org.au/ - Australian food banks, for those who are put in a tough spot right now with workplaces closing daily & people out of work

https://www.salvationarmy.org.au/donate/make-a-donation/donate-online/?appeal=andreahp - again, sadly due to increased risk of domestic violence.