Esther & Belle Jewellery is a family business based primarily online as a boutique. We curate timeless, yet modern high-quality jewellery sourced from designers across the globe. All jewellery we curate and sell is ethically sourced & manufactured with finest quality materials.

A little about us, I am Hope & the other half of us is John. Some background, John (co-owner & my father-in-law) has been in the jewellery wholesale business for almost 30 years now, he manages our  back office and has established connections through all sectors of the jewellery industry.

John has worked closely with clients & jewellers to create beautiful, one of a kind bespoke jewellery for years. Creating rings for clients across Australia at an affordable price.

Our aim is to bring our customers one place to shop for all of their jewellery needs, while also creating a store that showcases sustainable jewellery from global designers. We do the searching and curating for you so you don’t need to spend hours searching boutiques with little results.

Our stock will constantly be changing as we bring on more innovative, stunning and timeless designers.

Esther & Belle jewellery care about a triple bottom line; profit, people & the planet.