“There is no one-stop shop for an ethical, sustainable piece of jewellery,” 

Dr. Laurent E. Cartier, a lecturer in gemmology at the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Lausanne. 

As a result jewellery makers and brands are addressing environmental and humanitarian issues on a case-by-case basis – focusing on specific materials, supply chains and meaningful ways to give back to the most affected communities. 

We aim to bring all of these brands together providing consumers with a place they can purchase jewellery that they can trust is ethical and sustainable. This blog will be dedicated to educating those who would like to listen about the current climate of the jewellery industry & teaching consumers the best care for their jewellery, giving it a longer life thus sustainability.

Watch this space - it will be constantly evolving!

Our Response to COVID-19

Where to even begin, there is so much news and information flooding our lives right now about this new pandemic COVID-19 it is hard to know where to look or what to trust. 

We are so thankful for all of those who are working to keep our countries afloat and assisting us from medical professionals, supermarket staff, government bodies and so many other businesses that are working behind the scenes. 

We wish everyone the best through this confusing time, hoping you are all keeping safe at home and surrounded by those you love.

Behind the Brands: Finley

Finley doesn't just use the 'sustainability' as a word to promote sales. 

Finley is really sustainable and they aren't shy about informing their customers about the steps they take either. 

So what makes them different?

Where does it all come from? A brief look into the jewellery industry

DO you know where that sparkling chain around your neck came from?

That gold bracelet you treated yourself to, or even that ring you’ve saved on your Pinterest board?

Everyone knows gold is valuable, but not many people know the horrific true cost of how we get this precious metal.