As a general rule, you should remove your pieces before you shower, bathe, or wash your hands. If you don't remove your jewellery, you risk damaging them as well as making them appear dull - when built up this is difficult to remove. 

Lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, and hair products can tarnish your jewellery, so try to remember to remove all pieces before application.

Remove jewellery before you go into a hot tub, swimming pool, or are exposed to any chemicals. The chemicals will weaken delicate parts and cause your jewellery to become tarnished and tainted. 



For sterling silver & gold filled follow all general care guidelines, you should also remove your jewellery while doing household chores.

When sterling silver comes into contact with chemicals, perspiration, rubber, bleach, or any products containing sulfur, the chemicals will cause corrosion and tarnish in your jewellery.

Please note, gold filled jewellery is NOT solid gold.



Like the above instructions, pearls cannot come in contact with any chemicals. This is extended to cleaning cloths, gold/silver cleaning cloths cannot be used with pearls.

In addition, pearls should be kept out of extreme temperatures. 



Cleaning cloths are recommended for our jewellery, please take note of what the cleaning cloth you are buying is recommended for, as different cloths are used for different kinds of metals.

We also offer cleaning services - contact us to have your jewellery professionally cleaned. We offer this service free of charge for any jewellery purchased, you will just need to pay your postage.



To wash your pieces containing gold, sapphires or sterling silver, use warm water with a couple of drops of mild (gentle) dishwashing liquid, or a cleaning solution that's specifically made for gold, and let it soak.

Gently scrub your piece with a soft toothbrush in an up and down motion. Place your piece back in lukewarm water to remove any soap residue left over. Once completed, air dry, or towel dry it with a paper towel or cloth - be gentle!

To clean gold vermeil, gently buff with a soft cloth and place it back into your jewellery box! While the gold vermeil itself won't tarnish, the silver underneath might.